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Handmade Shakka Shakerz, direct to Percussionists!

by Shakka Shakerz - 3 weeks ago

7d751647-ebec-3444-a7eb-7c7f1dba7aa9.jpegWorld Famous, used by many of the top percussionists for over 25 years and a best seller. These are known as one of the best hand-made shakers out there and have been used in concerts, movies, TV shows and healing events around the world.

Created in 1994 by Kerry the "Shakerman", nearly 7000 have been sold. Guaranteed to be the coolest, best-performing shaker you'll ever play, give them a try - we know you'll LOVE them!

Many of assorted sizes, sounds and fabric styles available - contact the Shakerman for the latest inventory.

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