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- Free Drum Resources & Blog - Advanced Level...

by Confident Drummer Portal - 1 week ago

   The Confident Drummer Blog is a place to look for inspiration and resources, for your growth as a musician.

   A collection of various bits of wisdom in the form of lessons, articles, exercises, videos, Pdf’s, studies, insights, excerpts from the books.

   Published once a week.



   Confident Drummer is a Drum Education Portal & Blog for the advanced drummer.
   It represents a synthesis of 25 years of experience, career and passionate research.
   The idea is to show drummers a more musical and aware approach to drumming and to life as drummers.
   The project consists of:

– An online portal with more than 3,000 pages of organized content. 16 drum methods, more than 20 hours of video and lots of free resources. 

– A drum Blog, which is designed to be an advanced drum course, and which includes PDFs, MP3s, exercises, videos, lessons, articles etc.

Drum Coaching for the advanced drummer who is looking for expert guidance and support, to get unstuck, or to bring his/her skills and career to the next level.

– A YouTube channel with studies, lectures, talks. 

– An Instagram profile.


   About the author:

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