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Drummer's Insight - Essays on the Art of Drumming

by Drummer's Insight - 1 month ago

Please check out the new site Drummer's Insight! A place for drummers who wish to explore ideas and perspectives from the inside out.



A crucible for personal alchemy, the drumset provides a context and laboratory for making connections and sensing truth; it creates a discipline for learning and growth, for traversing worlds of sound, culture, history, science and art. It holds potential for the integration of a profound personal practice. 

Read essays on the art of playing the drum set. Currently on The Role of the Drummer, our responsibilities and what we do, on Practicing, our role in being engaged in the process, and on Technique, its function and ways to approach it so it supports our creative ideas rather than dictates them. Updates frequently. Please check it out! Like and share. Sign up for updates. Leave comments. Thanks!

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