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Drummer Invents Solution to the Sliding Kick Drum

by KickBlock Products - April 13, 2019

Philly drummer Will Butera was tired of chasing his kick drum across the stage. He had tried everything to anchor his kit, including no end of purchased gadgets. But nothing worked enough for this touring pro.

Then it hit him– the gadgets had it all backwards. They were trying to solve the problem by mounting hardware on the moving kick drum. "That didn't make sense," Butera says. "It was like trying to stop a freight train by dragging your feet.” He discovered that anything mounted on the kick drum just bounces up and down with every beat and it keeps losing touch with the ground it's trying to grip.

“KickBlock is like putting a brick wall in front of your kick. Except it’s portable, weighs five ounces, and fits in your backpack.”

So Butera invented a new approach using the physics of motion and opposing force to stop his sliding kick drum. He calls it KickBlock and he now has a patent pending and he's taking it to market. KickBlock grips your drum rug like crazy and plants a shock-absorbing wall firmly in front of the kick drum. “It’s like putting a brick wall in front of your kick,” Butera says. “Except it’s portable, weighs five ounces, and fits in your back pack.”


How does KickBlock grip your drum rug so firmly? It packs a massive amount— 27 square inches— of some unbelievably tenacious Velcro-like stuff that Butera has custom made for this application. He calls it “UltraGrip” and if you look at it with a magnifier, the block has thousands of scary looking hooks that grip the fibers of closed-loop carpets and drum rugs. “We spent a year designing and testing,” Butera says. “Everything about this thing is tuned to be the perfect solution for professional drummers.” 

Now, Butera won’t play a gig without KickBlock. And he’s turned his invention into a new product to help other drummers— so they can stop chasing their kick drums and focus on their music.

See details, demo video, and buy options at www.KickBlockProducts.com 


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