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Double Action Hi-Hat

by Double Action Hi-Hat.com - March 9, 2019

Hi drummers and other interested people!

This Hi-Hat stand (prototype) contains a mechanism that makes it possible to close the cymbals of the Hi-Hat 2 times with 1 back- and forth movement. Thats why we named it Double Action Hi-Hat.

It gives the drummer all kind of new possibilities, like playing Toms, cowbells etc, while the Hi-Hat groove still continues with for instance 8-th or even 16-th notes.

You can also think of various alternations between foot actuated notes and hand actuated notes. Currently it has a Patent Pending status.

These are two Links to videos on Youtube that show the idea en some possibilities: https://youtu.be/L-jk3npQrjE and https://youtu.be/KlU6MwLGBIU

Our goal is to find a company that is interested in this invention and working principle.

We are curious to learn what you think about this idea, its a prototype so there is still room for improvement. We would like it very much if you leave a comment.

Best regards,

M Helderman

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