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by Keeley Research & Analytics - 1 month ago


As Founder of Keeley Research & Analytics (KRA), I’m a Research Analyst by trade, but also an avid musician with an appreciation for the music industry.  Don’t let the analytics shy you away; it is my goal in life to be half as good as Buddy Rich on the drums!

I’d like to help a goal driven individual or business like you achieve even greater success with premier consulting and solutions.  Please keep KRA in mind if you need help with: 

Developing marketing plans to help reach personal or professional goals.  Designing, developing, and/or implementing surveys and data visualizations.  Researching your fan base or customers and providing insights for retention, pain points, and opportunities.  Analyzing and delivering insights about the competition in your performance circles or business space.  Mining through your fan base, sales data, or customer data using analytical tools to develop insights.  Maybe there’s something else that we could help with from a marketing and promotions perspective?

While you’re busy doing what you do best, allow us to do what we do best.  And that would be helping you achieve your goals with a combination of research, analytics, and providing insights. 

Please consider us for new opportunities.  I appreciate your business and look forward to helping you.

Matt Keeley, Founder

Keeley Research & Analytics

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