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Host John DeChristopher goes in-depth with the biggest names in drumming

Episode 64: John DeChristopher Live From My Drum Room With Russ Miller

John DeChristopher has had a fun and informative discussion with his old friend Russ Miller. They talked about how Russ got his start in Miami, how they met in 1990, and his move to Los Angeles, where after paying his…

Modern Drummer
Mar 31, 2022

Episode 63: John DeChristopher Live From My Drum Room With David Frangioni

In this episode John DeChristopher and David Frangioni, CEO & Publisher of Modern Drummer discussed their recent collaboration of "Live From My Drum Room" becoming the Modern Drummer Podcast, their 40 year history, what inspires them as drummers, their experiences…

Modern Drummer
Mar 24, 2022

Episode 62: John DeChristopher Live From My Drum Room With Joe Franco

John DeChristopher Live From My Drum Room With Joe Franco! talked about Joe's long and successful career including The Good Rats, Chilliwack, Twisted Sister, Widowmaker, Jack Bruce and creating his home studio, “Beat Street." they also discussed his legendary book, "Double Bass Drumming,"…

Modern Drummer
Mar 17, 2022

Episode 61: Neil Peart Spirit of Drumming Scholarship Recipient Announcement

The Neil Peart Scholarship, in collaboration with Neil’s wife Carrie & Modern Drummer, is proud to present the first recipient of the Neil Peart Spirit of Drumming Scholarship, Maxx Rinkus. The scholarship, originally announced at the 2020 Modern Drummer Festival…

Modern Drummer
Mar 10, 2022

TBT Pop up Podcast with Steve Jordan

Steve Jordan joins Billy Amendola & David Frangioni on this “Pop Up Podcast” to talk about a few topics not mentioned in his January 2021 cover story, as well as a few of the drummers who had a significant influence…

Modern Drummer
Jan 13, 2022

Episode 60: Modern Drummer Festival 2021

Welcome to this week's Modern Drummer Podcast. Celebrate the holiday week with a Throwback Thursday show (with new material) about the 2021 Modern Drummer Festival. (Where to get tickets, when it’s debut streaming - it begins at 12:01 am on…

Modern Drummer
Dec 23, 2021

#ThrowbackThursday David Frangioni & Billy Amendola with Gerry Brown

Welcome to MD’s #ThrowbackThursday Podcast with Gerry Brown! Join David Frangioni and Billy Amendola for this week’s MD video/audio Podcast as they speak with legendary pocket-drummer Gerry Brown about his tours with Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, George Benson, Lionel Ritchie, and…

Modern Drummer
Dec 16, 2021

Episode 59: Billy Amendola with Clint de Ganon.

Welcome to this week’s Modern Drummer Podcast with Billy Amendola and his guest Clint de Ganon. This special podcast is brought to you by Vibes high-fidelity earplugs. https://www.discovervibes.com/new-products/vibes-high-fidelity-ear-plugs Clint, one of the busiest behind the scenes drummers/composers has a diverse resume.…

Modern Drummer
Dec 9, 2021

Episode 58: Modern Drummer Updates and 2021 Festival Announcement

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week's Modern Drummer Podcast. This week Billy Amendola and David Frangioni speak openly about the current state of the Modern Drummer brand. Joining us in conversation are world educator  Dom Famularo and M-Network TV/Film producer…

Modern Drummer
Dec 2, 2021

Episode 57: Billy Amendola with Gina Schock

Welcome to this week's Modern Drummer Podcast featuring Gina Schock of the Go-Go’s. Gina and MD’s Billy Amendola have a relaxing afternoon in Brooklyn discussing the effect of her first concert at eleven years old igniting her dream of becoming a…

Modern Drummer
Nov 18, 2021

12 Drummers Drumming

Special #TBT Veterans Day Podcast with Billy Amendola, Lauren Monroe, Rick Allen and friends. An extraordinary collection of music's most influential & legendary drummers have joined Rick Allen of Def Leppard & Raven Drum Foundation in their mission to provide trauma recovery…

Modern Drummer
Nov 11, 2021

Episode 56: Billy Amendola with Earl Young Part 2

Hi! Welcome to Part 2 of MD’s Podcast with Earl Young & Billy Amendola. Listen and watch this legend continue with his valuable words of wisdom as a young enthusiastic 80 year old, with 65 + years of experience playing…

Modern Drummer
Nov 4, 2021

Pop Up Podcast

Welcome to an exceptional Modern Drummer “Pop Up Podcast” with Billy Amendola, Lauren Monroe, Rick Allen, and a few of our beautiful friends who pop in to give back and show their support (we’re not going to give it away, you have…

Modern Drummer
Nov 1, 2021

Episode 55: Billy Amendola with Earl Young Part 1

Welcome to this week’s Modern Drummer Podcast with Billy Amendola and August 2021 MD cover artist Earl Young. Tune in to watch/listen to part 1 as Billy and Earl talk about how The Sound of Philadelphia (TSOP) was born—Earl’s early days learning drums, going…

Modern Drummer
Oct 28, 2021

Episode 54: Billy Amendola with Ed Toth.

Welcome to this weeks Modern Drummer Podcast with Billy Amendola and Doobie Brothers drummer Ed Toth. (with special “pop in guest,” radio personality, actor, & film maker Al Bandiero). Al mentions the upcoming Rocky IV movie he is in, which…

Modern Drummer
Oct 21, 2021