Starclassic Performer B/B Tenth Anniversary Limited-Edition Kit

The Starclassic B/B Tenth Anniversary kit combines bubinga and birch to create a deep, rich, and articulate sound with power and projection. The kit features an outer ply of elm in a Charcoal Elm Burst exterior finish. Additional features include Quick-Lock brackets, precision-cut bearing edges, die-cast hoops, Tama’s Star-Cast mounting system, and black-nickel hardware. List price is $3,385. A matching snare is available for $600.

Sound Synergies

PercussionCare Products

WearBarrier was created to optimize the performance of drums, drumheads, and sticks. It reduces uneven head surface tension for more stable and accurate tuning. WearBarrier also removes grime and black oxidation buildup caused by drumsticks, and it contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect hardware.

CymbalCare conditions cymbal surfaces for enhanced response and resonance, removing accumulated grime and microscopic dirt particles from the grooves. CymbalCare will not affect naturally occurring patina.



Transport Deluxe and Sliver Essentials Stick Bags

The Transport Deluxe stick bag features magnetic leather carrying handles, a large front-zippered pocket, a zippered interior pocket, metal hanging tom clips, a leather business card slot, a metal key leash, a pencil slot, and ample drumstick storage.

The slim Sliver Essentials stick bag fits four pairs of drumsticks. Both bags are made from weatherproof ballistic nylon and synthetic leather. The Transport Deluxe stick bag lists for $62.99, and the Sliver Essentials lists for $32.99.