New and Notable

Reflex Elite Series Drums

Reflex Elite kits offer 100-percent alder shells and feature chrome-plated Faceoff lugs, bass drum Isolifts for increased low end, and Fixpitch suspension mounts for cleaner pitch, enhanced projection, and pure tone. The series is available in Trans Black Lacquer, Trans Red Lacquer, and Gloss Natural.

DT50 Series Drum Triggers

Yamaha’s new triggers include the DT50S for snares and toms and the DT50K for bass drums. Both models feature a die-cast body, a chrome finish, and a lug-style design. The revamped casing was designed to resemble the appearance of hardware found on acoustic drumkits.

The DT50S features dual-trigger capability with isolation between the head and rim sensors to capture vibrations accurately and separately. Both models mount on most rims and utilize a soft material at the point where the sensor makes contact with the drumhead. A quarter-inch cable is included. List price for each is $129.

Grover Pro
EQlipse Dual Apex Snare Drum

The EQlipse Dual Apex offers two interchangeable bearing edges: a 45-degree cut for bright contemporary sounds and a rounded one for dark, vintage-type tones. The drum comes with SX non-spiral snares and has a 10-ply cross-laminated maple shell with a Sound Mirror internal finish. Other features include single-point bow-tie lugs, a Trick throw-off, and a high-gloss ebony lacquer finish. Central to the EQlipse sound is a metal tone belt that provides additional focus and power. List price for a 5×14 snare is $799, while the 6×14 model is $839.

1st Chair Glide Rider Thrones

Designed with a lower center of gravity, 1st Chair Glide Rider thrones feature a two-piece locking collar for a strong base-to-seat connection, double-braced legs, a plastic leg attachment that eliminates wear and tear on the feet, a Glide-Tite grip joint for a solid base attachment, and a Rocklok nylon bushing that prevents side-to-side motion.

The HT530BCN model has a threaded rod and a T-bolt system for height adjustment and lists for $249.98. The HT550BCN features a lever-operated Hydraulix system and lists for $283.32.

Frank Zummo Signature Sticks

These new drumsticks for Sum 41 drummer Frank Zummo feature high-precision alloy cores for consistent weight and balance, ergonomically tuned handles, a built-in Vibration Control System, and nylon tips for bright, articulate sounds. The sticks measure .595″x16.63″ and are said to offer fifty percent less shock and last six to ten times longer than wood models.


Vibes earplugs are said to lower decibel levels without muffling and distorting the sound. Each pair includes three sizes of interchangeable tips to ensure a proper fit and comes with a hard-plastic carrying case. A portion of each purchase is donated to the Hear the World Foundation, which provides hearing aids, surgeries, and education to children in need around the world. List price is $23.99 per pair.

Dream Cymbals
Energy and Eclipse Models

The new Energy series 21″ ride and 21″ crash-ride are said to offer power and crisp stick articulation. The 19″ Energy crash delivers a punchy sound that can cut through a dense mix and has an evenly tapered decay.

The 21″ Eclipse half-lathed ride provides the sturdy articulation of the Dark Matter series paired with the bright sound of the Contact series.

Powerstroke 3 Felt Tone Bass Drum Heads

Available in either Hazy or Fiberskyn film, Felt Tone bass drum heads feature a free-floating dampening strip built into the drumhead without the use of glues or adhesives. The head is said to be ideal for vintage and contemporary drumset applications and is available in five sizes from 18″ to 26″.

Revolution Drum Accessories
TruTones Drum Dampeners

TruTones dampeners are produced with a proprietary material to reduce unwanted overtones. They are said to be long lasting, leave no residue on drumheads, and can be washed with mild soap and water to bring back their natural tackiness. Each package contains four standard- and six micro-size dampeners.

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