Episode 69: John DeChristopher Live From My Drum Room With Steve Smith

In this episode, Steve Smith and John DeChristopher do a deep dive into Steve’s Modern Drummer Legend Series Book available now as a digital download and as a print book on May 20, 2022. All of Steve’s Modern Drummer Cover/Feature interviews are included in his Legend Series Book, starting in 1981, to a recent in-depth interview with MD’s Mark Griffith. It’s the most comprehensive book on Steve Smith ever, from growing up in Whitman, Massachusetts, to attending Berklee College, to his first major tour with “John-Luc Ponty” in 1976, joining “Journey” in 1978, forming “Vital Information” and firmly establishing his place in history as one of the greatest drummers of all time. Other topics in the book include all of Steve’s drum sets throughout the years, an in-depth look at all his gear and the companies he endorses, many for 45 years. Steve and John also discussed his Drum Solo Record, “Fabric Of Rhythm” a bonus download in the book, Steve’s upcoming Vital Information 4-CD release “The Complete Columbia Collection” and much more!