The Modern Drummer Podcast

Episode 53: Billy Amendola with Josh Freese.

Welcome to this week’s Modern Drummer Podcast with Billy Amendola and his guest Josh Freese. If you’re not familiar with his enormous body of work, please look up his discography, and it’ll make your head spin. Since a very young age, Josh has been a touring musician, a first-call studio musician, a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, and a band member as both a leader and hired gun. He recently finished up touring and doing dates with Devo and The Offspring, in between playing on hit albums and songs, and he’s getting ready as we speak to head out back on the road with Sting. He is a member of the Vandals (since 1989) and Devo (since 1996), he played drums for Guns N’ Roses from 1997 to 2000, A Perfect Circle from 1999 to 2012, Nine Inch Nails from 2005 to 2008, Weezer from  2009 to 2011, and recorded over 400 records. In December 2010, Freese toured with Paramore on their South American tour. In fall 2016, he returned to playing full-time with Sting, whom he toured and recorded within 2005. In 2021, he toured with The Offspring. It’s mind-boggling. Let’s listen in and discover or be reminded why Josh is one of the greats. Enjoy! 



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