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The Modern Drummer Podcast Episode 30: David Frangioni & Billy Amendola with Tico Torres

Episode 30 Tico Torres

Episode 30: David Frangioni & Billy Amendola feature interview with Tico Torres

Welcome to this week’s Modern Drummer podcast with Billy Amendola, David Frangioni, and the multi-platinum-sold-out arena-selling drummer of supergroup Bon Jovi, “The Hitman” himself Tico Torres. Since the mid-eighties, Tico and the band have released over thirty albums and sold over one hundred million records worldwide. Before joining BJ, Tico was touring and playing with the chart-topping band Franke & The Knockouts. He is on the board for the Amazon Conservation Team and enjoys his other life-long passion, Art. Never known as a flashy-crazy-chops-drummer, Torres is well-known for his solid-steady rock groove on all the band’s hits. An avid Jazz lover, Torres says, “Your playing is molded by who you listen to and who you hang out with. Elvin Jones and Joe Morello would tell me, ‘You’re not the most technical guy, but you have feel’ Always play for the song and follow the lead vocals.” Let’s listen to this week’s MD podcast. Enjoy!



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