Explains Latest Video “Nobody Knew”

Hi MD readers! Carmine here. My latest video “Nobody Knew” from my Guitar Zeus collection features Dr. Brian May of Queen on guitar, Tony Franklin on bass, Kelly Keeling on vocals and yours truly on drums. We were planning to do a straight lyric video when I thought it would be cool to insert live performances from these stellar musicians.

My good buddy Tony Franklin videoed himself playing the song and I did the same. Although he is super busy these days on the road with Queen, I asked Brian if he could find time to shoot something. Brian is an awesome human being and wonderful friend. After a few weeks he sent me five videos of himself playing the rhythm guitar and lead solo. It was exactly the footage we needed.

For the drum footage, I used an old Slingerland pink leopard kit that features an all maple 14×24 bass drum, 8×12 and 9×13 rack toms, an 18×18 floor tom, and a 5×14 Radio King wood snare. The cymbals are Sabian HH Prototype featuring an 18″ medium crash, a 22″ heavy ride, a 20″ medium crash and a set of 14″ medium hi-hats. I also used a DW 5000 single chain double pedal. Tony had his signature model Fender, and Brian one of his stage guitars.

We were not able to get Kelly to film himself singing so we hired “stand-in lips” to sing for the video. Once we had all the footage my video editor and co-director Robert Neilson and I went to work. We used the same cartoon-like animation treatment used previously on a video we created for the young band Kodiak, who I help manage.

I think the combination of lyrics, live performance video, and animation technique, along with a cool message about saving the earth creates a cool video experience. Brian described the making and watching of the topical video “Nobody Knew” as “a moment to treasure.” He sees Planet Earth as a treasure!

I hope you all enjoy this video. I think it is a strong song with a great message about saving the earth from an album project where I did some of the best drum work of my career.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Yours in drums,


Watch the video “Nobody Knew” (feat. Brian May) below.


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