New Video and Recent Albums and Projects

Hello Modern Drummer “On The Beat” readers! It’s great to be back here sharing some of my latest musical activities and new video, “Fast Lane.”

There are several videos posted around the Internet of my original projects and contributions to other artists, but “Fast Lane” is the first that combines my drumming, composition, and production techniques in the fusion-style setting I was developing in my brother’s group, Barry Miles & Silverlight, when I was just fourteen. Even earlier, I was writing songs that I’d record on 4-track reel-to-reel, playing drums then overdubbing my keyboard and vocals. Finally, I’m able to present those elements utilizing current, better quality audio and video technology, and yes, I can be seen playing drums close up!

The production of this video began with me playing drums to a 165-bpm click in my home studio, improvising whatever I wanted for about five minutes. I filmed it with three cell phone cameras, one overhead, one frontal, and the other focused on my feet, while recording my miked drums into my board and computer. I rolled all three cameras simultaneously and later switched between them as desired for visual variety. I then wrote a composition from my keyboard and vocals matching the drum part with chords, bass lines, melodies, and sound colors. I’m working on including this video, along with other fusion and pop style videos of mine, into a new album I’ll be the sole musician on.

Other recent activities include my latest solo artist album Duets Remix with me on drums accompanied by a different musician and instrument on each song, including Paul Shaffer on organ and Will Lee on electric bass. A drum instruction book I co-wrote with New York Philharmonic percussionist Morris “Arnie” Lang will be available soon, as well. An album I played drums on a few years ago was recently released by bassist Basil Fearrington (Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway, Mary J. Blige) with Frank Gambale on guitar and the late George Duke on keys.

I continue getting my original music placed in the remaining TV soaps, finished composing the music for an animated film, and recently toured Japan with arranger David Matthews’s Manhattan Jazz Orchestra. The hits I played drums on in the early ’80s for R&B groups Change (originally with Luther Vandross) and B.B.&Q. Band (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens) are still getting a lot of airplay, as are the Billy Ocean hits I played on, among others.

Thank you to my companies I endorse: Paiste, Gretsch, Evans, Promark, LP, and Puresound. And thank you all so much for checking out “Fast Lane” and this update. It’s an honor to be included in this Modern Drummer “OTB,” seen by the greatest community of a—drummers!

Check out “Fast Lane”


Manhattan Jazz Orchestra “The Shadow Of Your Smile”


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