Episode 71: Chris Dave, Feel Vs. Analysis, Istanbul Mehmet Rides, and More

Episode 71: Chris Dave, Feel Vs. Analysis, Istanbul Mehmet Rides, and More

Modern Drummer Podcast with Mike and Mike

In this episode, Mike and Mike crack open the January 2017 issue and discuss cover artist Chris Dave. They also talk about learning new concepts through feel versus analysis. Up for review is a pair of Istanbul Mehmet dark and dry 22″ rides. After answering a few listener questions, the show concludes with picks of the week.

Show Notes

Modern Drummer subscription: https://secure.ablesoftsolutions.com/pdmg/SecurePages/NewSub.aspx?pi=MDRM
Mike Johnston’s website: www.mikeslessons.com
Chris Dave and the Drumhedz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-e4YJ-3Cb0
Instanbul Mehmet Kirkor and Sahra ride cymbals demo: https://moderndrummer.com/2016/11/video-demo-istanbul-mehmet-sahra-kirkor-signature-rides/
Jim Keltner on Jim Oblon’s “Lucille”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGtqR4kGaZ0
Mike Johnston’s Practice “Kit”: https://kit.com/drumteacher76/the-practice-kit

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