Episode 33: Listener Questions, Narada Michael Walden, Ahead Switch Kick Quick-Release Bass Drum Beater System, and More

The Modern Drummer Podcast with Mike and MikeIn this episode, Mike and Mike discuss fusion/pop/session great Narada Michael Walden and give their choices for which crash cymbal they would take to a gig if they could only take one. The hosts also answer several listener questions, and they take a closer look at the Ahead Switch Kick quick-release bass drum beater system, which is reviewed in the April 2016 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine. The show concludes with picks of the week.

Show Notes

April 2016 Modern Drummer:

Mike Johnston’s website:

Narada Michael Walden Out of Time teaser video:

Ahead Switch Kick bass drum beaters:

Sound of Sterloid, Vol. 1 video master class:

Audio-Technica ATM350 tom mic:

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