Episode 22: Year in Review, Favorite Cymbal Cases and Bags, World Groove Independence, Brendan Buckley, and More

In this episode, Mike and Mike recap 2015 by going over some of their personal achievements, both on and off the drums, and they offer their thoughts on where they think the drum industry may be heading in 2016. Then they discuss their favorite cymbal cases and bags. Next, Johnston explains the concepts behind his Rock & Jazz Clinic article from the January 2016 issue of Modern Drummer, entitled “World Groove Independence.” Then the hosts talk about featured artist Brendan Buckley, who’s best known as the longtime drummer for pop superstar Shakira. In the gear review section, Johnston demos and discusses his favorite metal and wood snares, and the show concludes with Mike and Mike’s picks of the week, which include a new bass drum muffling device and an ultra-affordable bebop-size drumset.

Show Notes

January 2016 issue of Modern Drummer:

Protection Racket cymbal cases:

SKB cymbal cases:

Ahead Armor Cases cymbal silo:

“World Grooves Independence Mash-Up” demo video:

KickPro bass drum muffler:

Multipurpose heavy-duty shot bag:–grip–and-display-sandbags–shot-bags–black.html

Gretsch Snares:,



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