The Modern Drummer Podcast Episode 1 with Brian Reitzell

Brian Reitzell, drummer (Redd Kross, Air) and soundtrack multi-talent (Marie Antoinette, 30 Days of Night, TV’s Hannibal), has recently moved into the wild world of video game music, while continuing to guide the soundtracks of major films by directors like Sofia Coppola and collaborating with adventurous rockers like Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine and Beck main man Roger Joseph Manning Jr. Reitzell shares valuable insight into those unique musical situations, discusses his brand-new solo debut, Auto Music—the self-styled soundtrack to his L.A. commutes—and wonders what O.J. might have been listening to during his infamous trip along those very same speedways.

Episode 1 with Brian Reitzell - The Modern Drummer Podcast

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