Look out for these albums and DVDs released this week.


Los Lobos Kiko Live  Los Lobos Kiko Live

This CD/DVD set is being released in conjunction with the twentieth-anniversary reissue of the studio album that many feel is the highest artistic achievement by Los Lobos, and even the entire ’90s decade. (Producer Mitchell Froom was nominated for a Grammy for the fresh and ambitious sonic world he wrapped the album in, and the band topped many 1992 year-end polls.) The liner notes are frustrating in that they list Victor Bisetti, Pete Thomas, Gary Mallaber, and Louie Perez as the drummers, but not every player is given specific song credits—when all was settled after the final mix, maybe even the band didn’t know who played on what! No matter, if you have an interest in exploratory but very song-based alternative world music, this is a record you should check out.

Dispatch Circles Around the SunDispatch Circles Around the Sun

The massively popular Boston indie roots band has reunited with a new album after ten years apart. Look for an Update interview with drummer Brad Corrigan in an upcoming issue of MD for some insight into the recording and tips on simultaneously singing and drumming.


The Darkness Hot CakesThe Darkness Hot Cakes

The outrageous British multi-platinum rock band, currently on tour with Lady Gaga, release their third album (and their first in seven years), featuring drummer Ed Graham.


Taj Mahal The Hidden Treasures Of… 1969-1973Taj Mahal The Hidden Treasures Of… 1969-1973

This collection of previously unreleased studio and live tracks from the revered Grammy-winning blues artist, who also mixes island, jazz, and African elements into his work, kicks off a reissue campaign of his entire Columbia catalog. Among the drummers appearing here are session heavy Sammy Creason and Roger McGuinn’s Greg Thomas, as well as Chuck Blackwell and Jimmy Karstein, who regular MD readers will remember from the May 2011 “Tulsa Time” feature.