Chris Prescott of Pinback for Modern Drummer Drummer BlogsGreetings! I’m checking in with an update on the upcoming Pinback tour and some other drum-related news from San Diego.

Pinback is about to head out on a national tour, and we’re anxious to get back out on the road. It’s been more than a year since we traversed the country, and we’ve made some pretty radical changes to the live show, so we’re excited to try out some new stuff. Most of our songs are now synced with video, so visually the set should be more exciting. I’m playing along with a click live now to make this synchronization possible. In past projects I’ve never had the need to use a click during a live performance, so it’s been a new experience to hear the rigid time and make it still feel relaxed. I’m definitely embracing this as a great learning experience, and the set really feels positively different. After years of doing things a certain way, we’re enjoying the change. If you end up at one of the shows over the next month, please come up and say hello!

Other stuff to report from San Diego is a new drummers meet-up group that some friends of mine have put together. It’s called the SoCal Drum Society and meets once every month or so. It’s been so cool to meet other drummers in the area and hang out to talk shop. They host clinics and are able to draw on the local talent as well as catching drummers as they pass through the area. This past month we had Joey Baron (John Zorn, John Scofield) and Bill Berg (Bob Dylan) pay us a visit. We are so grateful and excited to hang out and meet these guys and hear about their philosophies and approaches to the instrument. I mention this meet-up group more as a suggestion to folks that may like the idea and want to start up a drummer’s group in their own area. I’ve definitely gotten a lot out of it, and it’s helped build the community of drummers in San Diego.

Along with the live performances, I’ve been busy with my instructional projects. I just completed my third article for Modern Drummer magazine.  Look for the next installment in the June 2011 issue. The content is adapted from my book Creative Construction, which focuses on a method for writing drum parts and building skills for those entering the world of playing in bands. It’s been such an honor to be included in Modern Drummer, as I have followed the magazine since I was eleven years old. A great feeling, for sure!

That’s it for now. Please drop me a note or say hello if you make it out to one of our shows. Thanks!

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