Andrew Cook Of A Rocket To The Moon Modern Drummer Drummer BlogHi, MD readers! My band is on tour with Hanson and this has been one of the more memorable tours I’ve done. For starters, as the only support band, we are given a soundcheck every day AND allowed to leave our back line onstage. That alone takes so much stress out of the usual support band role that it allows us to concentrate on the show, not on making sure everything is plugged in correctly.

For this tour, I’m using my 8×14 SJC bell brass snare, which is as nuanced as it is thunderous. That thing is my favorite snare I’ve ever owned. I also brought out my 1965 Rogers champagne sparkle kit. That thing speaks for itself. Right now it’s sporting some pretty old heads, and it still sounds incredible. The toms are my favorite part of the kit. They have warmth and a resonance to them that is hard to match.

For cymbals, I’ve finally found the combination that works perfectly for the Rocket To The Moon sound. I’m using 15″ K Light hi-hats, a 22″ K Custom dark ride, an 18″ K custom dark crash, and a 20″ Constantinople. As always, I’ve been playing the Vater Universal stick, which always treats me right.

It’s been a real privilege to be on tour with Hanson and to be surrounded by musicians who are such masters of their craft. Thanks to those guys, and thanks SJC, Zildjian, and Vater!

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