Drummer Robin DiazRobin Diaz stays very busy these days, sometimes on the road, but mostly in the studios. After spending the summer of ’06 on tour with Ashley Parker Angel, he worked on record projects for Three Doors Down, Trapt, and Hinder, including the latter’s huge hit, “Lips Of An Angel.” “I heard that song acoustically first and then went in and tracked it,” Diaz recalls. “In fact, I heard the acoustic versions of all the songs before doing the sessions, then I made charts of them, which I always do.”

For the past four years, Diaz has also been working with Chad Kroger from Nickelback, and he’s done the last two records with Theory Of A Deadman, as well as having recorded with Closure, I-Nine, and Hedley. Diaz explains that many of his projects have been with hot producer Brian Howes. “When you get in with a producer,” Diaz shares, “they become comfortable with you, and you get used to working together. So it’s really wonderful.”

Recently Howes brought Diaz in to work with Avril Lavigne. “Brian was asked to co-write some demos with Avril for her upcoming album,” the drummer explains, “so he asked me to lay down the drum tracks. Since Brian and I have a good working relationship, it was quick. I charted the song, went through a few passes, and that was it. Avril was there, and she is the coolest person and a great songwriter. It was an amazing experience.”

Robyn Flans