The Planets Are Aligned

drummer Kris KohlsHaving parted ways with lead singer Marky Chavez and its former record label in the course of a year, heavy metal band Adema has boldly released its third CD, Planets. Drummer Kris Kohls enthusiastically believes this record is the band’s best one yet. “In the past,” Kohls says, “we felt creatively limited. Our last record, Unstable, was very ‘cookie cutter’ and not up to our collective potential of playing or songwriting. As a band, we knew we could do better, especially if we found the right singer.”

Shortly after signing a new deal with Earache Records, Adema gave itself a much needed transfusion of new blood with the addition of vocalist Luke Caraccioli. “We wanted someone with a completely different, original sound,” says the drummer. “That’s what we got with Luke. Planets is basically our dream record.

“We had a good idea of what we wanted for the vocals when we started recording,” Kris continues. “But we hadn’t found Luke yet. Since there was no danger of stepping on vocals drum-wise, I was able to really let loose and be in the moment with my playing. Obviously, I tried to play for the song. But I wasn’t afraid to throw some licks in there.”

Accustomed to playing fast, uptempo rock, Kris found that the CD’s title ballad threw him a bit of a curveball. “I love how the song ‘Planets’ came out,” he says, “but sometimes playing softer and slower is more difficult for me. Most of the songs were done in one or two takes, but ‘Planets’ took seven or eight before I was happy with it. That track moves a lot and there are lots of dynamics, so it’s really cool. But getting the groove perfect was challenging.”