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Videos of and for drummers.

Backbeats - Woodstick Groove 2016

Backbeats – Woodstick Groove 2016

This past April, Groove Music for Youth and the Emerald Queen Casino held their annual nonprofit drumming charity event, Woodstick Groove, in Tacoma, Washington. Check out our highlight reel of the event below!

Video Demo! Tama Superstar Classic Drumset

Video Demo! Tama Superstar Classic Drumset

We were sent a seven-piece Superstar Classic shell pack to review (list price: $1,499.98) that included an 18×22 bass drum; 7×8, 8×10, and 9×12 rack toms; 12×14 and 14×16 floor toms; and a 6.5×14 matching snare….

Video Demo! Zildjian - S Family Cymbals

Video Demo! Zildjian – S Family Cymbals

We were sent a sampling of Zildjian’s top sellers in this new S series, which included a 10″ splash, 14″ regular and Mastersound hi-hats, 16″, 18″, and 20″ Thin crashes, 18″ and 20″ Medium-Thin crashes, an 18″ Rock crash, 18″ and 20″ Trash crashes, an 18″ China, 20″ Medium and Rock rides, and 22″ and 24″ Medium rides. All of the cymbals are fully lathed top and bottom, heavily hammered, and polished to a brilliant finish….

Video Lesson! Groove Contraction, Creating Tension and Release

Video Lesson! Groove Contraction, Creating Tension and Release

Groove contraction can create rhythmic tension and release. Similar to how, with implied metric modulation, we can use new subdivisions to trick listeners into feeling like the quarter-note pulse has shifted, we can use the concept of contraction to make tempos feel like they’ve changed. Unlike metric modulation, however, groove contraction modifies the subdivision while maintaining the original quarter-note pulse….

Strictly Technique

Video Lesson! Hearing the Click on the “E”

In this lesson, we’ll work on shifting our perception of a metronome so that we’re hearing each quarter-note pulse as the second 16th note, or “e,” of each beat. Benny Greb has talked about using this concept to help improve timing and subdivisions. I found it difficult to hear the second 16th note as the pulse, so I developed these exercises to help myself. Start at a slow tempo, say, around 75 bpm….

Basics - Fundamental Fills, Part 1

Video Lesson! Fundamental Fills, Part 1: Solid 16th Notes

The abundant amount of educational material on the market can overwhelm many students and aspiring professional drummers. Due to limited practice schedules or performance opportunities, some drummers fail to see how to implement new or practical material into their daily routines. Worse, others neglect practical information altogether in hopes of becoming the next superhuman, speed-obsessed drummer or soloist….

Rock 'N' Jazz Clinic - Groove Construction, Part 4

Video Lesson! Groove Construction, Part 4: Linear Variations

We’ll continue working with linear grooves by embellishing them using two separate concepts. First we’ll double select single strokes using the hi-hat, snare, and bass drum. Then we’ll incorporate the hi-hat foot into the groove. Remember that linear grooves never have more than one voice played at a time….

ddrum - Reflex Rally Sport Drumset

Video Demo! ddrum – Reflex Rally Sport Drumset

One of the sister companies to Tampa-based ddrum is Dean guitars, and one of the woods that Dean uses for electric guitar bodies is alder. Alder is considered a semi-hard wood and ranks just above pine and poplar. It’s known for having a warm, focused tone with prominent midrange and low-range frequencies and attenuated attack. When used to build drums, alder provides a very satisfying sound that’s big and punchy with a short, focused sustain. Reflex is ddrum’s series that features all-alder shells. The kit we have for review here is a new addition to that series, called Reflex Rally Sport (aka 2RS). It’s designed to be the “ultimate gig kit” for drummers playing in smaller venues and on tight stages. Let’s see how it fares.

Sabian - HH Vanguard Series Cymbals Video Demo

Video Demo! Sabian – HH Vanguard Series Cymbals

Sabian recently introduced the first expansion of the HH series, the Vanguard, which is based on a design from the acquired Crescent brand. The HH Vanguard lineup comprises 14″ hi-hats, 16″ and 18″ crashes, and 20″, 21″, and 22″ crash/rides. (None of the cymbals are labeled as a crash or ride, so it’s up to the player to determine the application.) The cymbals have smaller bells than the regular HH models, and they feature pinpoint lathing. Both features help provide a more controlled attack. Let’s check them out!

Video Demo! Love Custom Drums - 7x14 Indian Rosewood Snare

Video Demo! Love Custom Drums – 7×14 Indian Rosewood Snare

The Love Custom snare we have for review is one of McRoy’s personal favorites: a 7×14 stave-shell made out of .625″-thick Indian rosewood. The top bearing edge is cut to forty-five degrees and then rounded, and the bottom edge is what Buddy calls a “dull forty-five” and has slightly deeper than normal snare beds. All of the hardware is aged brass, including the ten tube lugs, single-flanged hoops, and family crest badge….