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Category: Videos

Videos of and for drummers.

JDW - Timetable Warm-Up

Video Demo: Timetable Warm-Up with Steve Fidyk

As drummers, we’re often taught the importance of warm-up exercises. These drills are typically designed to help loosen the muscle groups of your wrists, forearms, and fingers. A good warm-up routine develops your reflexes and helps you produce an articulate drum and cymbal sound…..

Cymbal Packs

Video Demo: Zildjian A391 and Paiste PST7 Cymbal Packs

So you’ve never considered a cymbal pack before and generally like to purchase cymbals one at a time based on what your needs are at the moment? That’s totally understandable. But could there be some great advantages to buying a handful of cymbals at one time? Like anything that can be purchased in bulk, you’ll often get a better deal.

Tap Nine

Video Lesson! The Tap Nine, by Rich Redmond

The traditional nine-stroke roll consists of four alternating double strokes followed by a single stroke. It can be played open (clearly articulated) or closed (buzzed). This is a popular rudiment in marching and concert percussion idioms, and I’ve found a practical way to apply it to the drumset.

PCU - Natal, Arcadia Kit

Video Demo: Natal – Arcadia Series

The last time we checked out Natal, we talked about their vision to offer a range of high-level drumsets. Each kit comes with the same high-quality components, but it was the species of wood that differentiated each model. The company recently expanded on that concept and is now offering entry-level kits, called the Arcadia series. The purpose of this lineup is to provide worthy contenders in the $600 to $800 price range, in both rock- and jazz-size configurations, the latter of which we were sent for review. Let’s take a look.

Strictly Technique - March 1

Video Lesson! One-Sided Hairtas, Grandmas, and Grandpas

This month we’re going to look at three unusual rudiments: one-sided hairtas, grandmas, and grandpas. These three closely related rudiments are especially useful for drumset fills when playing the accents on toms or cymbals and the unaccented notes on the snare. The unusual accent patterns can easily throw you off, so use a metronome, tap your foot, and count quarter notes out loud so that your pulse is grounded.

Hiddy Rhythms, Part 2

Video Lesson! Hidden Rhythms – Part 2, by Mike Johnston

Last month we explored the endless rhythmic and textural ideas hiding inside a measure of 16th notes, including clave and cascara patterns, partido alto phrases, and more. This time we’re looking for hidden groupings within our measure of 16th notes. Most often a bar of 16th notes in 4/4 is felt as four groupings of four notes. However, it doesn’t have to be felt that way. The subdivision can remain intact while you accent other groupings. We have sixteen total notes to group however we’d like. For example, you can play two groups of three notes and two groups of five notes in any order, and they will always take up the space of sixteen 16th notes. The same is true for any combination of four groups of three and one group of four. Let’s try it out.

Jazz Drummer's Workshop - Triplet Fills, Part 3

Video Lesson: Triplet Fill Concepts Part 3, Three-Over-Four Fills With Rudiments

Welcome to the third and final lesson in our series on jazz-style triplet fills. This lesson continues with the three-over-four triplet concept and incorporates buzz rolls, double strokes, and paradiddles. In our first example, we’ll play the accents using the bass drum and ride cymbal while using buzz rolls on the snare drum….