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Dick DiCenso

Dick DiCenso Passes

We at Modern Drummer were saddened to hear of the passing of Dick DiCenso, the father of renowned drummer Dave DiCenso and the founder of Dick DiCenso’s Drum Shop, which was founded in 1982 and for twenty-three years served the Quincy, Massachusetts, area.

Hanna Brewer By Tobias Marti

Purple’s Hanna Brewer on Bodacious

Texas trio Purple has released its second album, Bodacious, which makes for another great showcase for Hanna Brewer’s many talents. Modern Drummer Online asked Brewer about the making of album, and about her background as a singing drummer….

Allison Miller Podcast

The Modern Drummer Podcast With Allison Miller

Drummer/composer Allison Miller’s new album, Otis Was a Polar Bear, once again features her Boom Tic Boom ensemble: pianist Myra Melford, violinist Jenny Scheinman, cornetist Kirk Knuffke, clarinetist Ben Goldberg, and bassist Todd Sickafoose. Miller recently invited Modern Drummer into her Brooklyn, New York, home, to discuss the making of the album….

Prince Dies at Age Fifty-Seven

Iconic Singer, Songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalist Prince Dies at Age Fifty-Seven

Prince’s massive appeal crossed genres and generations, and besides his singing, songwriting, and production prowess, the influential artist was adept on many instruments, including the drums. In fact, Prince and his longtime drummer John Blackwell appeared on the cover of Modern Drummer in January of 2005, soon after the release of the Musicology album, which, like many of Prince’s records, featured him on drums on a number of tracks. Here we present our entire interview with Prince, which was conducted by MD associate editor Billy Amendola.

’70s-Era David Bowie Drummer Dennis Davis Passes

’70s-Era David Bowie Drummer Dennis Davis Passes

Longtime David Bowie drummer Dennis Davis passed away yesterday. Davis appeared on a string of Bowie studio albums in the ’70s, beginning with Young Americans in 1975 and ending with 1980’s Scary Monsters….

Blind Idiot God By Peter Gannushkin

Tim Wyskida of Blind Idiot God on Before Ever After

Modern Drummer sat down with drummer Tim Wyskida, formerly of the doom/avant-garde band Khanate, to get the lowdown on his drumming, the tracking of Before Ever After, and the band’s strangely sophisticated mixture of drone, noise, funk, prog rock, dub, and a host of other genres.

Remo Belli

MD Spotlight w/Mini Documentary: Remo Belli

 This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the May 2016 issue, which is available here. Spotlight Remo Belli How Time and Circumstance Gave Rise to the King of the Mylar Drumhead Remo is one of the…

Mark Trombino By Chris Valle

Drive Like Jehu’s Mark Trombino

While Mark Trombino may not be the most well-known drummer of the 1990s, you have more than likely heard his production work with bands like Jimmy Eat World and Blink-182. Since Jehu’s breakup in 1995, Mark got so busy producing that he hadn’t played the drums much in the time since. But the reunion show prompted a round of festival dates, and Drive Like Jehu is curating the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Wales this April. We spoke with Trombino shortly after their last show of 2015 at FunfunfunFest in Austin, Texas, about drumming, producing, and his DIY donut business….

Aric Improta’s “Drum Chain” Video

Aric Improta’s “Drum Chain” Video

For drummers who’ve learned to thrive in the YouTube era, the creation of fresh, sharable content that will grab viewers’ attention often enough to keep their buzz buzzing is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Night Verses’ quirky drummer, Aric Improta, is certainly keeping his name on the lips of drumming fans with his “Drum Chain: 9 Drummers 1 Song” video (see below), which has amassed more than 350,000 views since first being posted last August….

John Andrews

John Andrews on Quilt’s Plaza

Modern Drummer editorial director Adam Budofsky recently caught up with multi-instrumentalist Andrews, who also plays in the well-regarded group Woods and his own one-man band, Yawns.

Jeff Salem

Video Tour: Building a Teaching Business with Jeff Salem

I’ve owned and operated my own teaching school, Jeff Salem’s Music Studio, for eleven years. Prior to that I taught percussion lessons at a local music store for twelve years. When I decided to branch out on my own, the decision was made after being on tour with a band for five months. When I returned home I wanted to start teaching again. My first thought was, “If I was just starting to learn the drums, where would I want to go for lessons?”