Brian Frasier-Moore Switches to Pearl Drums

Editors note: The March 2013 issue of Modern Drummer features a Gearing Up article on Brian Frasier-Moore about the DrumCraft setup he used with Madonna during her 2012 tour. After that issue went to press, Frasier-Moore switched to Pearl drums. What follows is a statement from Brian regarding the recent change.

“Hello everyone at MD! I’m sorry about what happened with DrumCraft and myself. It was totally unexpected. I was with DrumCraft for a year. It started out by doing Super Bowl XLVI with Madonna. We had a great 2012 and continued on that run with Madonna, where we did a lot of advertising and marketing during that time. I have much love for DrumCraft for giving me an amazing year! We started moving in different directions, respectfully, and I’m now back with my Pearl family. I endorsed Pearl years ago, when I did Christina Aguilera’s Stripped tour and Janet Jackson’s All for You tour, so I’m no stranger to the company and am very happy to be back home. I’m in rehearsals now, getting ready to tour with Justin Timberlake in 2013. Here’s a shot of my new Pearl kit. Once again, I thank DrumCraft for an absolutely incredible year and wish them the best in the future.”

Brian Frasier-Moore Switches to Pearl Drums


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  1. Errorhead

    Much love for Brian,but I really don’t like drummers who play 3 different brands(endorsements) in 14 months.He should make up his mind what drums he likes to play and stick with it.I can totally understand if he wants to play different brands but then he should just buy it and don’t endorse.Also 2 years ago he he introduced his signature snare with Tama and no he’s…

    • Ray M

      Not all artists get free drums, some actually believe in a product… but if you are a longtime user I can see some extra treatment and maybe some perks.

    • Teddy

      First of all

      In Brian’s early tour days he was a pearl artist back in the early 2000’s (He was endorsed with Pearl when he was touring with Janet Jackson for her “All for you” tour)

      He switched to Tama when he started to play for Christina A.

      I don’t know his reasoning behind going to drumcraft but he did make them sound good.

      So techincally he’s RETURNING to Pearl…he’s not a new artist.

      • errorhead

        As I say said,much Love for Brian who is really one of the best drummers in the world and one of my favorite drummers of all time.Im not a hater!I just think people who do endorse should just think carefully about which brand they feel connected with.I can also understand going from one company to another,no problem with that,if he didn’t get the support he wanted,or the quality of the drums is crap (my starclassic bubinga is dying under my sticks,in the last 2 months I had to order sparepart for about 500$),so I totally understand him leaving Tama 🙂 But,I think about the kids who admire him and bought a signature snare and then a couple of months later he’s with drumcraft.Of course this one year was a good one for drumcraft ,getting people to know the brand via Brian. But I see it more like a relationship.You can have different wifes, but every year a new one…Endorsements are about trust to the company and to the drummer from both sides.
        But I don’t really care that much what he’s doing or playing,as long as he plays so good he can as you said to what he wants…

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  3. RobertReedy

    Of course, artists are free to switch & choose, but the next endorser he approaches may have some reservations about being the “next-ex-wife!”

  4. Thanks for all the support!! But when you strive for the BEST you have to move accordingly!!! Switching companies does NOT mean that other companies will not respect you… They should respect you more for your Quest… Thank GOD they understand and get tht.. I guess some pple feel the same way about Rickey Lawson or Vinnie switching companies.. Exactly!! Those guys are ARTISTS and once you realize you’re an ARTIST then you moght think of it different!!

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