Pro-Mark Founder Herb Brochstein Passes

Pro-Mark Founder Herb Brochstein Passes

Drummer and Pro-Mark founder Herb Brochstein passed away this week. The multifaceted Brochstein played many roles in the music industry throughout his long career, recording and performing, teaching, owning a drum shop, and, in 1957, launching the Pro-Mark drumstick company.

In a piece on the Pro-Mark website, “The Pro Behind Pro-Mark,??? Brochstein recalled the experience that inspired him to create his own line of sticks. “I had bought six pairs of Japanese-made drumsticks from a passing salesman,??? Herb said. “I didn’t remember who sold them to me, and I didn’t know what kind of wood they were made from. All I knew was that they were much better quality than domestic sticks.??? Brochstein, with the help of Tat Kosaka, went on a quest to find the Japanese factory that had produced the sticks, and soon the Houston-based Pro-Mark was born.

At the 1997 Modern Drummer Festival, Brochstein joined MD founder Ron Spagnardi, Don Lombardi, Roy Burns, and Vic Firth on stage in the Percussion Originators Ensemble. Here’s a clip from that performance; Brochstein is second from left.



  1. Sad. My first sticks were oak 5B’s with the old, gold lettering on them from the late 60’s, and Herb should be seriously commended for doing oak in a world of maple and hickory. RIP, Herb.

  2. Bob Gatzen

    So sorry to hear the news… Herb contributed so much to the percussion industry, he will be sadly missed. Slammin’ drum solo Herb!

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