Modern Drummer Readers Poll 2013 Picks Entered

Modern Drummer Readers Poll 2013

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  1. I’m extremely proud to see Nate Smith on the ballot. His versatility, innovativeness, passion and creativity makes him a true gift to music and to all who witness him. It is an honor to vote for him.

  2. Bisquette

    Casey Grillo from KAMELOT is the most amazing drummer out there ! And an amazing person as well …. Very humble and down to earth

  3. Vladimir Kostadinovic

    …Where to begin…

    Of course: Philly,Roy,Elvin,Max,Blakey,Tony, but Greg and Karriem are the biggest inspiration today for me,because they are the artists that have managed to keep jazz alive and inspire the young generation of our time!!

  4. drumfan

    VOTE and WRITE IN FOR Chad Smith of The Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot! He IS the MVP and MAINSTREAM ROCK choice! How could he be left off????

  5. Phlogiston Verdigris

    Dave McGraw is legitimately one of the best drummers that metal has seen in years. Incredible speed, groove, technique, power, control, and creativity, not to mention being one of the most gracious, humble musicians I’ve ever met. He actually thinks his drumming sucks, and I’m not even joking. He just refuses to believe the praise he receives.

  6. cakegirl50

    Duh………Shannon Leto is the best drummer everrrrrr! So many people can’t be wrong! View all other comments !!!! Love you Shannon !

  7. JJ Carter

    Will all the 13 year old girls please stop voting. Shannon Leto? Let’s get real people this is not Teen Beat. Where is Joe Tomino on this list and how and why did Travis Barker make the list?

  8. Edna Brann

    SHANNON IS THE BEST and don´t stop voting, a musician is a musician and being a drummer is not easy at all, so his commited work is what we have to consider @shannonleto:disqus

  9. @ShannonLeto of @30SECONDSTOMARS ISTHE BEST DRUMMER EVER!! #VoteShannon #VoteShannon #VoteShannon #VoteShannon #VoteShannon #VoteShannon #VoteShannon #VoteShannon #VoteShannon #VoteShannon

  10. gaurav rai

    Travis barker is always being mine favourite drummer……… HE rocks the world with his powerful,n awsome drummming…… please vote for him…… /m/

  11. Mr D.

    I voted for Earl Palmer for the Hall of fame. I really think he deserves it. I usually vote for “Papa” Jo Jones, but Earl’s huge body of work just floors me.
    All the best to all the nominees.

  12. Jon

    Im a little surprised that Mitch Mitchell or Bernard Perdie were never inducted into the Modern Drummer hall of fame. Neither one has really been given the notoriety that they really deserve. Every drummer thats been around for a while has picked up something from them.

  13. backinblack

    I’m not gonna “diss” any of the nominees, and Charlie Benante from

    Anthrax is a very good drummer and is generally a nice guy. But he got in trouble for abusing his wife. It’s like nominating someone for congress that has that has that kind of history. And someone should have gotten best metal drummer last year and didn’t..I voted for Jeremy Spencer 5FDP.

    • Mr D.

      I was saddened to see that young musician succum to the perils of the rock n roll life. Drugs and alcohol are everywhere around working musicians. I have seen many musicians pass over the years, friends sorely missed. The Rev was recognised for his contribution in interviews and if I recall, polls. Since his passing he no longer qualifies for any category. The only one would be Hall of fame, and frankly, he has not earned it. Not his fault. Who knows what he may have achieved?
      There are many great drummers with enormous bodies of work who have yet to be inducted. These people had decades of incredible music. Names suchas “Phillie” Joe Jones, “Papa” Jo Jones”, Big Sid Catlett, George Lawrence Stone, and a host of others have gone before. These people also are no longer with us. I recall Jack DeJohnette writing a letter in MD asking people to help Papa when he was ill. Drummers stick by each other and we miss those we love. I am very sorry The Rev passed. I hope you enjoy his work well into the future. And perhaps check out the others we have lost along the way. Carlos Vega, Jeff Porcaro, Earl Palmer and more.
      All the best to you. Mr D.

  14. Mrssalvatore74

    Shannon Leto is the heart beat of 30 Seconds To Mars, a phenomenal & amazing drummer, takes you breath away to watch & listen to him :()

  15. Jesse

    Im a fan of Adam Grey but Travis Barker is just the best for me and he’s very natural. He simply goes with the beat. 🙂

  16. amanda kurtzman

    travis barker <3 i used to steal my brothers blink 182 CD from him. i have my own now. still love them as much as the first time i heard them. look him up on youtube and tell me that isnt the most impressive drummer ever

  17. I love 30 seconds to mars (I even traveled to watch them live) but I just voted shannon for pop, I voted deantoni parks in two different categories. Let’s face it, shannon is very good but jared will never let him show his skills or tomo’s as guitar player, unfortunately.

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