Matt Halpern Improvised Grooves (Video)

Check out Modern Drummer’s July 2012 cover Star Matt Halpern of Periphery performing an improvised drum solo, which he posted on You Tube early last year. To obtain a digital copy of the July issue of MD, go to the iTunes APP Store.


  1. Cl652000

    Technically, very cool. sounds more like a practice solo than “grooves” I heard a grove for like 2 bars then rudiments. I’m not in impressed by the “Lack of Rack” toms – he through away just as much as if they were there. put them back and use them – sounds better.

  2. Jeremy

    that was awesome, it was really relaxed and i like the small kit.  it forces you to simplify and focus on groove and use of what you have.  i thought this was great.

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