Taye MetalWorks Series Pedals

Taye MetalWorks pedals are designed to create a seamless bond between the player and the bass drum. Adjustable features include cam pitch, beater/spring assembly, beater head position, and footboard depth. The double version is easily convertible to a left-handed setup. Single MetalWorks pedals list for $299; double pedal versions are $649.


  1. Jef

    As a former acoustic drum “purist” I have changed my opinions. After a big life change, I decided to play almost exclusively in churches with only occasional club gigs. I had great early experience with the Roland TD-12 kit. About a year later I changed churches and they had recently purchased the Pearl electronic/acoustic hybrid. I don’t like to put down anyone’s product so I choose to blame all the problems on a warranty issue. That still didn’t have a bearing on the “feel” of the Pearls vs. the Rolands though. So, now I have decided to sell my rather rare, double bass Tama kit from apparently the mid-80s. I’m buying a used 5-piece acoustic kit.(I have lots of different cymals I picked up over the years) AND a new, most probably Roland kit of electronics. I am a decent, upper bar-band quality player so I don’t see lots of recording in the future.
    Can some of you players with experience on electroncs advise which kit to buy? Im thinking Roland TD-20 or TD-12. Any advice on the direction I should take? I still haven’t played the top level Yamahas or other brands. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  2. Jef

    TAMA hisory. I am reluctantly selling my 10-piece, Tama kit apparently from the mid-80s. It actually has a 9inch ride tom. I’m told they are 7-ply birch tagged TAMA GRANSTAR CUSTOMS. They sound fantastic…”cannons.” Where can I find the true, no blue sky history of this kit? If half of the stories I’ve been told about them are true, I have some fairly rare drums but I won’t perpetuate the stories unless I can get some authenitcation. My friend at Guitar Center cannot find a TAMA company historian or other means of determining their story. Any ideas?

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