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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Dave Minarik of The Clarks : Modern Drummer

The Clarks’ Dave Minarik

My name is Dave Minarik, and I play drums for a Pittsburgh-based band called the Clarks. We’re excited to release our latest CD, Restless Days.

Tim Kuhl : Modern Drummer

Tim Kuhl Drummer Blog

I record and play in several rock bands in NYC, including the Izzys, the Junkman Band, C.Gibbs, Magnets For Teeth, Less Than Treason, and 22 Leroy. I’ve been fortunate to tour extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Korea, Japan, Guam, and the U.S. Marshall Islands, with a USO tour to boot….

Elie Bertrand of Scarlet Sins : Modern Drummer

Scarlet Sins’ Elie Bertrand

I’m writing to you live from the T Dot, a.k.a. Toronto. I just came back from a wicked rehearsal. We just finished writing a few songs. I’m so stoked to go into the studio! Second album on the way, woohoo!

Dave McAfee of Toby Keith : Modern Drummer

Toby Keith’s Dave McAfee

My name is Dave McAfee, and I have played drums for Toby Keith since 2000. I wanted to say hey and share what's been going on lately. We recently returned to the States from our eighth USO tour, this time including twelve stops in Afghanistan.

Jord Samolesky of Propagandhi : Modern Drummer

Propagandhi’s Jord Samolesky

My name is Jord Samolesky. I play drums for a shakin’ rock ‘n’ roll band called Propagandhi. My experience with music began with listening to my parents’ Beatles, ABBA, and Boney M. albums. I took piano lessons between seven and twelve years old.

Jake Davison of Aiden : Modern Drummer

Aiden’s Jake Davison

My name is Jake Davison, I play drums in a band called Aiden. I’m in Salt Lake City, sitting in a hotel writing this blog for Modern Drummer. I started playing drums when I was super young. My dad always had a kit set up in the basement of my families house, he really got me started playing.

Steve Birkett of AVM : Modern Drummer

AVM’s Steve Birkett

This is Steve Birkett from Chicagoland band AVM. We just released our new CD, A Matter Of Time, on Big Chance Records. It’s an excellent mix of modern pop, progressive, and classic and epic rock.

Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction

Stephen Perkins: Jane’s Addiction

Talking with Perkins, you get the vibe that the L.A.–based rocker’s life is way more than hitting the skins for the duration of a show or recording session….